Ancient Samurai from a time long ago followed a code of honor known as "Bushido".  It encompassed everything in the development of each individual.  Western civilization has a difficult time comprehending these values in the modern society we live in.  The Samurai walked a path of living as if one were already dead.  Fearless of death in battle, their sole purpose is to uphold many virtues yet not to glorify or satisfy one's own ego.  However, within the Red Lantern Clan, many virtues of ancient past are upheld not for fantasy; they are upheld to do as the ancient Samurai once did and that is to become the best possible version of one's self that one could possibly become.  The best possible warrior, the best possible friend, the best possible brother, as well as the the best possible sister. 


LetalisVenator at ComboBreaker 2015 w/Maximilian dood
LetalisVenator at ComboBreaker 2015 w/Maximilian dood

We live each day to improve ourselves and to navigate the storms that life lies before us.  To forge a path, to forge ourselves and our minds during this beautiful, amazing journey.  The most heinous crime an individual could do to oneself is to have low aspiration.  Even through failure, so long as we aim high, we did no disservice to ourselves.  Each day is an attempt to perfect ourselves.

With Honor and Respect


Founder of RL